Something entirely not music related – for the first time in my running career I placed in a race!

Many folks that know me know that my secondary passion to music is running. I’m mainly a distance runner with several marathons and half-marathons under my belt, as well as many 10Ks. I recently ran a super fast 10K (6:58 avg pace), and decided to run a 5K to see just how fast I could go in a short distance. I’ve certainly run 5Ks before, but it has been awhile, and my previous best 5K time was an average pace of 7:33/mile.

This past weekend I ran the Cape Elizabeth Turkey Trot 5K, which brings out many of the best runners in the greater Portland area and the state of Maine. I am super proud to share that I finished 1st in my Age Division for the race! That is the first time I have ever placed in a road race, and am super proud. As of late I often find myself somewhere in the top 10-20% of runners in my long distance races, but in the case of this 5K I finished 18th overall, in a field of about 600 runners.


Here are my stats: